Common Pollutants

Some common stormwater pollutants you may encounter:

Common Pollutants
  • Oil and grease from automotive leaks and spills or improper disposal of automotive products. Metals and hydrocarbons can found in motor vehicle exhaust, brake and tire wear, paint, metal plating, and motor oil.
  • Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers from lawns, gardens, and farms, as well as improper disposal of these materials.
  • Sediment and soil erosion from lawns, hillsides, and construction activities.
  • Biological contaminants from animal waste and cross connections, and leaks or overflows from sanitary sewers and septic tank systems.
  • Pet waste and horse manure from improper management or disposal.

​Call the your local sanitary sewer district or city's public works department for sewer overflows, and the Department of Environmental Health (408) 918-3400 for septic tank system discharges.

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