Trash Reduction and Litter Prevention

Trash and Stormwater

Litter and illegal dumping  have serious impacts on our local water bodies. When litter is left out in our streets it can enter our storm drains, which flow directly into our local creeks and water bodies without any treatment. Trash in our creeks and water bodies are not just unsightly, but they are also harmful to the fish and animals that live in those ecosystems. Bottles, cans, straws, food packaging, and cigarette butts are among the most common items found during creek cleanup events. It is important to never litter and to recycle or properly dispose of your waste. 

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Reduce Your Impact 

Keeping trash and litter out of our waterbodies is everyone's responsibility. There are lots of great ways to keep trash from entering our environment, including: Reducing the amount of waste you create, reusing items that don't need to be thrown away, and properly recycling as much of your waste as possible. Learn more about how to reduce your impact on our waterbodies by visiting the links below.


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Educational Resources

Recycle Right - Recycling and Waste Reduction Division

Grocery Shop with Reducing and Recycling in Mind 

Waste Reduction

Waste Prevention at Home

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste 

Volunteer for a Cleanup Event

We encourage all Santa Clara County residents to volunteer for creek or on-land cleanup events. There are many volunteer opportunities out there, please see below for more information about getting involved with cleanup activities in your local community.

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