Report an Illegal Dumping or Discharge

To report illegal discharges or accidental releases to a storm drain, drainage ditch or culvert in the unincorporated Santa Clara County, please click here to submit your report online​. You may also contact the Watershed Protection Division during business hours at (408) 918-4609 or by email ​at [email protected]If an incident occurs after-hours or on weekends, please call (408) 299-2507 to reach Santa Clara County Roads and Airports.

Discharge of anything other than clean rainwater into storm drains is illegal because it carries water directly to the nearest creek without treatment that can be a serious threat to fish, wildlife, drinking water and marine life. The discharge may range from a leaking vehicle or pool water discharge, to illegal dumping of hazardous waste.

When do you report an illegal dumping or discharge?

  • If you see a person dumping anything into the storm drain or creek;
  • When you notice unusual odors in or near the storm drain;
  • When you observe materials in or near the storm drain;
  • Water leaks that flow to a storm drain;
  • When the storm drain system has flowing water during dry periods.

To report all other incidents of dumping or discharge, please call the County’s centralizeIllegal Dumping Hotline at (408) 299-5770 and staff will route a service request to the appropriate County department.​

If a dumping or discharge occurs outside of unincorporated Santa Clara County, please contact the city or agency below.

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